Lyrics : Flu Game

Forty ounce in my right hand
Watchin' Drunk History alone, it's a vibe here
Workin' through a few things
Feel like I'm Jordan in the flu game
Look at her alleviate the lightness, yeah
I gotta whole lotta baggage
Grew up in a place with a whole lotta static
It's been a couple years since I strolled out the traffic
And made a lane all on my own
I been livin' for my soul
By that I mean my son
They hopin' that I fold
But I have jut begun
I'm gonna tell my story 'til there's nothin' in my lungs
And my face turn blue and my fingers go numb
I been gettin' over shit, I been gettin' through shit
Life would be the Titanic if it was a cruise ship
But I ain't no DiCaprio, I ain't finna sadly go
I'm swimmin' to the shore
Call the forest, everybody gettin' carried home
Never been this happy though
The fashion got swaggy, but my legs still ashy bro
I'm still the same fool, I'm still the same dude
Bottle changed up but the spirit ain't new