Lyrics : Work (Parody)

This song's title is 'Work'
Which is ironic cos it required no work
It did however require lots of sizzurp
Which would explain why my lyrics are so slurred
It is so damn repetitive it hurts
Over and over I say work work work work
Need to pull down my skirt
And you can see through my shirt
It's crazy they let this on YouTube
Cos you can totally see my boobs
I'm hot so I get away with it
Even though this song is gibberish
These lyrics sound like some made-up language
Sung by someone who's been heavily drankin
In some parts of this song I'm not even singin
This next part is just overly autotuned hummin
Mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm
I sound like an orgasming robot
What's wrong with music?
I'm being such a flirt
While Drake sits staring at my ass while I twerk
He's doing nothing I'm doing all the work
Come on and get up do something you j*rk!
No I mean I want you to sing something
Please stop doing your lame dance from 'Hotline Bling'