Lyrics : Sugar (Parody)

I'm Adam Levine
I'm a huge star
These are my bandmates
No one cares who we are
We all got dressed up
Put on nice clothes
To make the worlds most self loving video yey
My ego needs attention so much
So me and Maroon 5 just show up
Who cares if we're invited to play?
Go to sleep
We'll just plug all our instruments in
In the middle of your reception
Who cares if we ruin your big day?

You're so
Cuz you get to see us play for free
You ruined our wedding!
Make it stop your voice is so piercing!
I want you jerks out of here and make it quick!
You disfigured my daughters face you prick!
That went great
Now lets go on to the next wedding

All of our songs sound excactly the same
This one is no exception it's stale and lame
We're only famous cuz chicks think he's hot
If you think it's cuz our musics good it's not
But radio plays us constantly
And my face is always on TV
So theres really no way to escape
Do not move
This will be the best day of their lives
Not because they'll become man and wife
But because they'll see me
Drop the drape

I'm here!
You're blessed!
To have your wedding in my presence
This song
Is so bad
That it's making us all puke and crap!
Okay boys we've made their day
Its time to go
Thank you we're glad you enjoyed the show
Someone help my Dad!
911 send an ambulance fast!

Here come some female fans
They wanna take some pics
Ew dude get off of me!
Who the hell are these suited dicks?
I'm such a sexy man
Women can not resist
Tiffany taze his ass
Thats what you get for the duck lips
Now lets drop the final drape and blow everyone away
These chicks are gonna lose their shit
They won't believe it's really

Yes thats right people it's really me
No god please
Stop playing
Everybody's heads are exploding!
Boys we're totally killing
Sadly you're right
We've killed like everyone here tonight
They all
Love me
So why isn't anyone clapping?