Lyrics : Style (Parody)

At last
I've found a man who won't leave me fast
Great ass
And when I drone on he doesn't talk back
In the bedroom, oh!
He lets me do all the things that I like to do
When we screw
Oh yaaaaaaaaaahh
And even though this song's title is 'Style'
It's not at all about Harry Styles
You can see I'm over that guy!

This video is a boring piece of shit
I don't know why anyone would even want to watch it
It's just a lame rip-off of True Detective's credits
Mixed with a bad film school thesis
It's so f*cking pretentious
I went way over budget on 'Blank Space'
I destroyed a vintage sports car it was such a waste
That's why this vid is just crap projected on my face
And these pieces of broken glass
These pieces of broken glass

I'm psycho
By now everyone in the world knows
But I don't
Act all crazy in this video
I'll play nice girl, oh!
And even though I'm the devil I'll fool the world
I'll fool the world
This song sounds like the soundtrack of 'Drive'
With its cheesy 80's synth vibe
And that annoying funk guitar line
I'm going to use a Satanic ritual
To bring you to life so you're not just a big doll
You'll be my real boyfriend and you'll always make me smile
And we both will kill Harry Styles
We'll skin and kill Harry Styles!

[One Direction]
We're here to stop you Taylor
You are sick

[Harry Styles]
This is the last time that you write about me you bitch!

You can't stop me

[Harry Styles]
Oh yes we can
Boys, unzip your pants

[One Direction]
Let's use our One Erection power
Our gigantic 1D power!

[Harry Styles]
Looks like our work here is done, lads

[Louis Tomlinson]
Hey, that mannequin could be a great replacement for Zayn!

[Harry Styles]
By golly, you're right! He's hot AND he's got no brains, he's perfect!

[Children's voices]

[Store worker]
Where the hell is that mannequin that crazy bitch stole from me?! ...This'll work. Yeah