Lyrics : I Really Like You (Parody)

What the hell is Tom Hanks doing here in this music vid sitting in bed in pajamas mouthing along?

And why is he doing such a terrible job of it?

Guess he didn’t learn all the lyrics to this song

Oh no

This guy’s movies have made billions
He’s won 2 Oscars and earned millions
He’s one of the world’s biggest movie stars
So why do this dumb video?

You ask why am I in this video?
Well let me tell you
I was signing several contracts and I got confused
I must have mixed up all my papers cos the next thing I knew
I had signed up to be in this

What is wrong with you
You’re too famous to be in a pop song vid
It’s embarrassing!
I know!
But I signed a contract and if I back out I could be sued
We really can’t
Believe we used to look up to you