Lyrics : Who

Ooh chill bro
Who do you pose to be the bags on me like groceries
Yea, Ringo

Who do you pose to be, the bags on me like groceries, ayy
I keep it close to me be careful when you approachin me, ayy
You don't want smoke with me the team is strong like potpourii, ayy
It's not your size, we, you know we go dumb it's more than me
Got the authority still got the sauce all over me, yeah
Now they recording me remember when they were ignorin' me, yeah
Money ain't everything, loyalty mean way more to me, yeah
I'ma just turn around like who you think you s'pose to be yeah (Cool)

Who, who, who, who, who
Who, who, who, who, who
Who, who, who, who, who

We got them panickin'
Business I'm handlin'
If we pull up then they gotta be litty
I'm with the committee
You talk about touchin' the family come on you got to be kidding me
They know I'm with the shenanigans
Still got on black like I'm Anakin
But I don't force it I feel it
I'm too persistent
Hustlers don't stop, they keep on going and going and run up them digits (Who)
Run up them digits
Ain't take but a minute
You say competition we lookin like (Who)
Don't ever respond we just get them crickets
Won't even remember, forget it like (Who)
They try to tell me what ho's like a chimney
But I turn them down and I told em I'm cool
They acting surprised but they already knew when they drop they gone say that they came out of the blue
I'm from the bottom we call it Louisiana think you know me you ain't got a clue
Sayin I fell off, but I came back ballin on them like Jordan with the flu
I like to keep it low key
Legendary things hard to find like Mew
They try to bite some they can't chew
I wish somebody would like a pew