Lyrics : Milk & Honey

Ruffy over there looking through the window
I'm finna do the hook though

Ayy, ayy
I can do the sign, I keep it coming
99 not enough so I'm running
They choosing us 'cause they know we 100
No politics, when we rap we too honest
Throwing up where we from like vomit
We ain't lyin' if we rapped it, we done it
God promise us a land with milk and honey
They just mad they can't control us with money

Ooh, cool
Blowing up, I feel the timing
Angels kept them ‘round me they surrounding
If anything happen'm that's why we got a lot
Even though they by us still gotta count it
Quit the team to rap then I got grounded
At 14 I gave up my allowance
I got dreams bigger than my surroundings
Stop turning molehills into mountains
When it rains I just grow like a flower
Living life like I got super powers
Holy Spirit lets me know who ain't solid
I know some grown men who act childish
I know some gangstas that ain't even violent
I know some girls who favorite color pink
I know some girls who favorite color violet
I know some dummies who done went to college
I know some virgins with a lot of mileage
I know some brave people who are cowards
I know some soldiers who ain't really about it
Know some loud people who keep it silent
The one who talk don't really know nothin’ ‘bout it
What I'm tryna say is you don't know nothin’
The only thing you do is look at the outer
You can't hide from God what's deep in your heart
That ain't really you, you playin' a part
We don't care about how high you can chart
You still a lame to all of us you a mark
Can’t nobody tell me I'm not a star
Shinin' lights on what's down in the dark
Ruffy on the beat that's why I went off
Mark Jackson, I'ma hit out the park