Lyrics : War

Going 'gainst us is like goin' 'gainst God
Yea yea
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Chill bro
It's Aha Man, haha
Cool, yeah

Goin 'gainst us is like goin' 'gainst God
I can't promise that you gon' survive
Everyday I be beating their eyes
I look all my demons in they eyes
Only thing that I see is facades
Everything they believe a mirage
You don't understand I be seein' mask on they face way before the virus
All they do is talk about the plans they gon' make, I be scared when they quiet
They be cookin' like they on a diet
Ain't no seasonin' tho, they Jambalaya
Put that work in they tryna get fired
Not the same we got different desires
No more tryna get people believin' in me when they see me they gon' be surprised
'Cause I'll be up in the mornin' (Cool)
Me and my [?] and my opponent, yeah yeah
I get caught up in the moment (Yeah yeah)
Glad that God doesn't grade our performance yeah yeah