Lyrics : Soul Ties Outro

Give me your soul, ooh
It's Aha

Give me your soul
Give me your goals
Give me your friends
Give me your foes
Give me the treasure that's deep in your heart
Give me your heart
Just give me your hoes
Give me the things you don't want me to have
The things that you hide
You keep on the low
That you never show
I know I already seen how this movie go
There ain't nothing I ain't seen before
Every movie done been on my screen before
I got someone who I told the scene
But switched up because he wanted to be keen before
Now the spirit up off of his children
Taking whatever they want like a pilgrim
Doing these things that won't ever fulfill them
Look through the earth can I find me a real one
Lightning and thunder I bring the rain
I'ma wash off the face and remove the stain
R.I.P. to your momma your daddy your auntie your uncle
And cousins and everything that you wasting your time for
Now they feelin' my rap like some blind folk
They gon' look up like "God where'd the time go"
Imma look down like "You 'bout to drown bro" (Ooh)