Lyrics : Soul Ties Interlude

Yo, yo, yeah, ayy, Ringo
It's Aha

If I open my mouth then it gotta be real, I can't entertain with the fakeness
Wanna be the greatest but I still can admit sometimes my thinkin' be basic
Feelin' like there's more love in the hood for me
I'm missin' things that weren't good for me
I had to meditate I told God come do it Himself if He could for me
Decisions been gettin' harder by the day
I fell in love with being out of space
Been sorry that I made a couple bad mistakes
Losing people that I cannot replace
Removin' the demons but it ain't that easy
'Cause I can admit that I like when they please me
I beg 'em to leave me, how stupid is that?
So I kick them out the front and open the back
God the jury is on me
The devil he want me
We communicated and got a lil' cooler
We had conversations 'bout how he ain't hate me
And I made it clear that he wasn't my ruler
I offered a bong, some wine
We laughed a couple of times
My times that I fell
I told him, "Farewell, I prolly won't see you again"
He replied, "See you in hell"
I grinned, "I already been"
I feel like I'm on a action movie by the way that I'm fightin' off all of my sin
I'm from the city where all of the people they smokin' on strong and drinkin' on gin
I don't feel like everybody need to hear the word sometimes they need 'em a friend
I don't feel like that they love you if they only give you your flowers when it all end