Lyrics : Ain’t Gon Do It (Remix)

I wet up the nay nay
I ain't gon do it
Fly like an egle
My sh*t [?]
But I ain’t gon do it
I know you don't like me
I will f**k your wifey
But I ain't gon do it
My diamonds are shining
I might just blind you
But I ain’t gon do it
I ain't gon do it

I just f**ked that n***a b*t*h
Time I'm killing it, told me come do it
They looking like "what the f**k?"
Come through in a hummer truck [?]
Them haters can't f**k with us
Their team can't win, they mad that we losing
na b*t*h I ain't gon do it
What the hell are you thinking?
Oh you ain't thinking
Something sweet, here's some candy
Sike b*t*h, that’s a Xanny
Na I ain’t gon do it to her right now
don't pour no sprite out
Got my diamonds on, don’t turn the lights down
right now
Ray J only
Imma spray all the f**k n***as, pull the K out, broad day [?]
Two for the bamboo
I ain't gon do it