Lyrics : Extra

10 chains on, I'm extra
5 in the clip, I'm extra
I'm extra
Extra, extra
Extra, extra
Tearing up the lot, I'm extra
Raining on a thot, I'm extra
at the spot, they extra
Got a lot, but I still want extra
I'm extra
Extra, extra
Extra, extra

What's in my pocket? That's brick fair
Gonna see what's on my hip if you take it there
Cool your ass down like a Frigidaire
I'm a westside n***a, I don't play fair
Especially when a n***a being extra
Got bullets and sticks, got extra
Run in your living room extra
See me on the news, that's extra
Why I'm riding through my hood wearing all blue
Matching my hundreds, they all blue
Put your hoe on the phone, I ain't call you
Extra ass n***a, what you tryna do?
I treat your main b*t*h like fast food
In and out, drive through
And her friend too, that's extra
Bust them down like I'm posed to