Lyrics : Evil Intentions

I can’t do a f*ckin freestyle? Freestyle? I can do a f*ckin freestyle
The f*ck, man? Yeah, I got to f*cking freestyle
This sh*t is going to be sh*tty though but at least I should try
Alright, what do I talk about?
Oh, I know, I know
Look at this f*cker, bet
Bet, I’m going to talk about this guy
Bet they’re about to break up soon haha
Alright... alright man
Yeah, how do I freestyle?
A-B-C-D-E-F.... let’s go

With each Instagram post I make
I gradually get more hate
I hear a lot of what people say
But they don’t affect what songs that I make
My first album a joke to you?
On the mic, do I choke to you?
You gonna die of a stroke, yes you
Another drink that adds to your alcohol abuse
Sucks your family can’t take care of you
And you got no real friends that are there for you
No one’s gonna care if you die, poor you
Can’t afford to care for your fam, poor you
In high school, you tried to fit in with wack sh*t
Gave up on ultimate frisbee practice
Crush friend zoned you so you settled for a b*tch who only looks good in fake lashes
I know you just want to f*ck till it ends
Ignore all of this for the shut world’s end
Not my fault you gave up on life wanting to make a wife out of your sl*t girlfriend
You must think life is a toy then, that’s why you tried to get your crush to dump her boyfriend
Woah, I didn’t mean to expose you
I liked you better when you were the old you
You dumbass, you lack in knowledge
I don’t give a f*ck if you fight in college

"Man, cut this f*cking bullsh*t, bro. Come on! Like really? Really? Alright, I told you to practice freestyling a bit because I was tryna help you out. But you here, are rapping like a f*cking pretty b*tch bro. One, who the f*ck are you dissing, bro? And who the f*ck... Why the f*ck are you gonna go after some other dude's f*cking girl? Like, are you f*cking kidding me? Like, how f*cking immature is that? Alright, bruh just f*cking... I don't know... find a new f*cking style and use that. Maybe you sound good with a f*cking Ski Mask the Slump God- I don't f*cking know! Jesus f*cking christ, don't do that again! f*ck!"