Lyrics : Bda Official


Free Leo man
Free Lil-Ace man
BDA you know what the f**k going on

Hot up in the spot like b*t*h can you tell
Getting paper, while I'm getting it I'm leaving no damn trail
b*t*h we getting it, pay my momma's rent while we spending sh*t
We getting rich, me, my whole team yeah we in this b*t*h

I'm screaming it get violent and I got enough all in the clip
Disrespect my teachers, really I don't give a f**k about this
Playing with your female but don't think that I won't go to blitz

(verse 2)
The chopper bite, its gon bite like jaws
Clap that b*t*h, clap that b*t*h like around of applause
Spin that b*t*h, spin that b*t*h, spin it at no cost
All my n***as going in, we going in, we going hard

f**kin on this b*t*h, you know l put the d**k up in her raw
Hit a lick, stick a n***a up and punch him in jaw
I remember on them papers, still was toking toking, f**k the law
BDA official, bout that action, at no cost

Yuh... yuh yuh yuh
Q up in this b*t*h
Q da Rappa sh*t n***a, yeah we living young and dangerous out here n***a

We can bake soon as I wake up, gotta get the cake up
Little b*t*h yeah she gotta cake up, sucking d**k while she lick her face up
Young n***a getting to the paper, not bout it then see you later
Big boss, never been a player, feel like dying every time I wake up
Young and Dangerous, I'll never change up, even twelve couldn't even change us
We was locked up in them chambers, pull the plug like its the cable
Going to trial, life on the table, f**k yall hoes cause yall ungrateful
Middle fingers to all the haters, sick and tired of all these favors

(Verse 2)
Living in the raw, I swear it was a struggle
If my wodie, you my wodie, I won't change you for no wodie
I can't never trust no b*t*h, I can never f**king love you
Glock thirty with a d**k, this how I made it out the gutter
On my brothers...