Lyrics : ​never sober

Charlie Shuffler

F**ked up, yeah I'm real f**ked up (yeah)
Guys like us, yeah it?s hard to love us
Tryna get my funds up, but I'm on the comedown (yeah)
All these drugs fun, but I gotta slow down (yeah)
Long days, no time, yeah it's damn hard
When you?re stuck on my mind, I can't get far
You're weighing me down, like a gram cart
I'll find my way out of the graveyard
I think about you often, I'ma be honest
Thinking about the coffin, the only way outta
This f**king life I can't do nothing right
I just get f**ked up, and I forget the night

F**ked up right now, screaming f**k love
You don't ever answer calls, baby what's up
I gave you everything I had, guess it?s tough love
Now you got me in my bag, so I must cut
No love can?t trust by my lonely
Note to self, never tellin', keep it lowkey
Cuz she went right behind my back and f**ked my homie
Now I gotta watch out who I?m with and who is closely

I don't really even know why I f**ked with you
You let me go when I put all of my trust in you
I did everything I could to keep you comfortable
I guess the truth is that you really isn't lovable

F**ked up, yea I'm real f**ked up
Nothing left in my cup, and I?m screaming f**k love
I was hoping that you'd come, but you never showed up
Now I'm standing here begging and you don't give a f**k (yeah)
Couple pills, drinks spill, nothing feels real
The blond hair, nightmare, please don't come near
I really don't even know why I still care
You f**king lied when you told me you would be here

Now it's over and I'm home and I'm never sober
I pa**ed out for an hour, now you're coming over
I look up to the sky, and all I see is gray
Look me in the eyes and tell me that it's okay

Charlie Shuffler