Nicky Ra

Now you're bleeding through your mind
Tears coming from your eyes
Why's she saying it's okay
Why does she keep feeding you lies
Now you're hurting in your mind
Tears coming from your eyes
But she's saying it's okay, and come alive

She a bad motherf**ker
Don't you ever give her [?]
Don't you listen to a thing that I say, I might be trippin'
If I drive, I'ma crash, pa** out on the dash
Fly through my windshield and wake up on the gra**
(Mhm, Ooh, Ooh)
I know you think that you're alright for me
I don't think that I'm alright at all
I don't need your therapy
I'm gonna drown it with the alcohol
I don't want you to watch me bleed
I know that I am not alright at all [?]
And baby please don't cry for me
You know that one day I will fall

I'm so sorry
I'm so sorry