Lyrics : Ugly Bastard

You are not able to rock
Your imouto wants my c*ck
While i'm having fun
You're crying at?the?dock
If you try?to test me, i'll go (gun?noises)

She's like Ugly B*st*rd
Get away from me!
He's like "Stupid f**ker,?leave?me?and my waifu?be!"

All your talking-trash
It?won't help you now
Because your anime shawty Sylvia
Wants a thicc n***a to plow
You beg and pleed, on your hands
*both in unison* You don't deserve a second chance

She's like Ugly B*st*rd
Shoot your goo in me
He's like "Stupid f**ker, please leave my waifu be!"

If you want your chick that badly, you gotta know:
You can never be loyal to these anime hoes
Trust me man, I've made that mistake in the past before
You just gotta get free: become an ugly b*st*rd before they...
Cuck you and leave you, they go for an Ugly B*st*rd. F**k you!
Cuck you. Leave you. They go for an Ugly B*st*rd. F**k you!
F**k you! F**k you!
They go for an Ugly B*st*rd!

F**k you!