Lyrics : Where My Home Is

I know where I belong, I feel it burning deep inside me
I've made my way this far, God my witness, I've been fighting
I'm not about to settle, hell no, that's not even an option
I find it hard to sleep, I'm wide awake just staring blankly
If I'm being open and honest, I'm scared and angry
I finally saw it, it was right there in my fingers, I lost it

But this is where my home is
I don't even wanna hear it if you thinking different
I don't even care whose name is written on the deed or if there's different people sleeping in it
I meant it, this is where my home is
I can't even tell you how I know it
This ain't a dream and don't be hoping it's the place in which the pavement upon my road ends

Yeah, this is where my home is
And that's where you'll find me
This is where my home is
And that's where you'll find me

There's not much worse in life than finally finding something special
Just to watch it pass in the crowd and being forced to let go
It cuts out all etceteras
I'd rather walk through a fire
I lie in silence, just wrenching in a soulless prison
They say there's option before me, but I know there isn't
How loud it echos inside of me, a choral desire