Lyrics : Mirror Man

I'm walkin' a low road
And walkin' it solo
Lost in a fall cloud losin' my way
There's nothin' to say now
I know my way down
'Cause how do you fix what you're refusing to face, refusing to face? (Listen)

You don't know me
It's in my veins and the only way that I know how to go, B
And I won't blame or pretend, it's the same as I been
Couldn't change it to save my life
Yeah, you don't know me
Livin' like a man, lookin' back at me in that mirror is below me
And he's lonely
I'm tryna change, but I'm here wonderin' how long 'til I get it right

The angels above me
Are claiming they love me
And they welcome me, open arms in the air
Oh, oh, but what a calamity
Should they abandon me
So I run to the darkness 'cause it's always been there, yeah