Lyrics : Permanent Sunburn

I tried and I tried to undo what was said
But it was irrevocable
It was irrevocable
I cried and I cried there alone in that bed
It was irrevocable
It was irrevocable
This is how I've learned there’s just some things that you can't take back
That you can't take back
And this is how I’ve lost my way wandering down a one way path

Just like that, it was over
It had hit like thunder
For the heart I left broken and the trust I've blundered
There's a reason I'm alone and there's a truth I must hone
I left you broken and hopeless that summer
And I became exactly what I swore I would never become
I'm your permanent sunburn
I'm your permanent sunburn

As I walk through her door, I thought to myself
This is irrevocable
From the moment I told you, I could tell
It was irrevocable
And this is how I've learned it’s just some things that you can’t undo
This is how I burned every picture of me and you