Lyrics : Simple And Strange

There is a girl who sleeps in a bed
That he never makes
She trips on pieces of him in the dark
He's hours away
It's only love he says
You should try it
Sometimes you get to sleep
If it's quiet
She waits for weeks to count the days 'til he comes back
His trying eyes see nothing his voice begins to crack
Don't stay up for me
He wakes up torn up broke up and down
Simple and strange
Too many people lost in the dark
But he knows his way
He'll be just fine she pleads
But she hides it
You can't forget how to breathe
Have you tried it
And he's never felt so far away
It's a shame that he's ashamed to say
I love you but I don't feel electric
I feel dead
I try to burn this riot running through my head
I'll keep you lit
I'll be the candle in your chest
I know it's hard to handle but I can do my best
Don't give up on me
I want to love you so
I know you're good I know
A person has to grow
How about we let this go