Lyrics : For Someone Else's Sake

Thank you for being quick
Cause if I had one more tequila you'd be gone and I'd be sick
Shouldn't I just go to sleep
But there's a place in Ocean
Beach where we could get our drinks for cheap
The neon stings like a cut
But it's quiet cause the jukebox only sings when I get up
When you walked in
I felt the cold
If your lips were made for moving then my hand was meant to hold
Now we're skipping down the road by sunshine
Ain't it funny how it always smells like
A bunch of weed that I never buy
I guess I never wanna be that high
Drunk standing in the parking lot
So I can see if I can drive or not
Guess we got a little time to kill
I really shouldn't but I guess I will
You are a great parade
Shouting curses at the very worst you're sharp and unashamed
I am a faulty flame
That you used to light a fire neither him or I could tame
And we've spent the last few years
Turning nothing into magic learning how to disappear
But I've made a decent home
So if your bed was made for fucking
Then I'd rather sleep alone
If someone hurts every time they're with you
You get to thinking maybe you're the issue
I'm giving up for someone else's sake
Cause I would never wanna be that way
Make your peace about her being gone
Take your time and sing a bad love song
And in the morning when I'm feeling blue
I take my medicine and dream of
You don't care
If I'm not there
Our hearts bleed on
This ain't your song
There was someone there was something there was laughter
It wasn't you it wasn't me that you were after
Funny how you're gone funny how you changed funny we were there
Honey it was you honey it was me funny
I don't care