Lyrics : Stuck In a Box

Some stand up shit right here

Yo, this feel like the right season for knife squeezing
They trying to Mike Brown me
Well I'd like to Ice-T them
That's 5-0K, far from a nice payment
My man pipe dreaming
Meanwhile the flight leaving
Alchemist the genius
Blow your sound to bits and pieces
Then scratch the Island
Like polyesther on polynesians
You feel deafted bug
Like beatles and bitches
Spend emotional weekend curled in featal positions, listen
I'm from an era where sneak dissing
Leave you in the creak missing
Next to swamp thing and some Greek fishermen
No one in my peak
Like I mountain climbed with no feet
Then thought it all in my sleep
When I move the pendulum swing
Them dudes ain't shooters they sweet
Got em clipped off
Who sent y'all
Packed out, Kool menthol
Pay your dues or get Screwed
Like Willard Fillmore
Stick with Ms. Crock
Get some head and your skrill on
This the real on