Lyrics : Find A Way

It’s like a pain in your girl chest
She been following us for years, she know we the best
From the projects, knew I’d make it out, dunn
It wasn’t a pretty sight ‘cause I’m the grimey one
I got a soul, so I guess I’m my own god
They don’t play my shit, they say it’s too hard
I hate to visit my friends, they in the graveyard
Always watch my back, I’m not a retard
Better think smart when you make that power move
Do your research, kid, you gotta know the rules
I skipped school, didn’t really teach me shit
Dunn, I’m outta control, I’m like a wild pit
Stack chips, waiting on this rainy day
Shootouts in the hood, I gotta get away
I’m on my knees, preaching to whoever listen
We gon’ make it one day, I hope He sees my vision