Lyrics : Hold On (Live)

I've been following your ghost
Running circles 'round this house
Tripping over memories
Trying to figure things out
It's been a few years and I miss you still
Got your picture on the window sill
Been thinking of ways, I got days to fill
I don't think I ever will

Hold on to things you can't explain
Hold on to dancing in the rain
Hold on to kisses on the lips
Savor every sweet moment, cause baby this is it
And hold on
Hold on

I've been cleaning up this mess
Found a metal box with some black and white photographs
A little faded but baby you sure do look good in that old dress, oh yes
Didn't we wish we were superstars?
Sign our names in the dust on your family car
We'd be waving to the crowd
You be the diva
And I'll play guitar