Lyrics : Betty (the long pond studio sessions)

Betty, I won't make assumptions
About why you switched your homeroom, but
I think it's 'cause of me
Betty, one time I was riding on my skateboard
When I passed your house
It's like I couldn't breathe

You heard the rumors from Inez
You can't believe a word she says
Most times, but this time it was true
The worst thing that I ever did
Was what I did to you

But if I just showed up at your party
Would you have me? Would you want me?
Would you tell me to go f**k myself
Or lead me to the garden?
In the garden, would you trust mе
If I told you it was just a summer thing?
I'm only seventeen, I don't know anything
But I know I miss you

Bеtty, I know where it all went wrong
Your favorite song was playing
From the far side of the gym
I was nowhere to be found
I hate the crowds, you know that
Plus, I saw you dance with him