Lyrics : Anthony not awesome

Not awesome
Everything's not cool
I am so depressed
Everything's not awesome
Whoa, I think I finally get Radiohead
Bro, you should check out Elliot Smith
What's the point? There's no hope
Awesomeness was a pipedream
Aye, my spirits be at the bottom of the sea
Love's not real, I just wanna eat carbs
Pass the ice cream
I am not a thing you can just use
To fill emotional voids with
Stop, everyone, okay, just listen
Everything's not awesome
But that doesn't mean that it's hopeless and bleak
Everything's not awesome
But in my heart, I believe (I believe)
We can make things better if we stick together
(If we stick together)
Side by side, you and I, we will build it together
(Yeah, build it together)
Build it together (Together forever)
All together now