Lyrics : Devil Making My Decisions

I'm always showin' love (Yeah), I don't get it back (No love)
Took a loss in the mail, I'ma get it back (Err)
I put my heart in this trap sh*t
I think I lost my soul when I sold crack to a pregnant b*t*h
I'm in here rollin' (Woo), back then, my cars were stolen (Skrrt)
Was eatin' macaroni (Food), now I feed all my homies (Yeah)
You say you love me, show me, f**k all the words, express it
My life taught me some lessons, they tryna stop my blessings
"Stitches, you a monster," that's what they say 'bout me up in the media
My friends set me up, how you bite the hand that's feedin' ya?
I'ma wait some years before I decide to start murkin' ya
You paranoid, I know you hear this song and it's gon' f**k with ya

You know I'm comin' 'cause I'm grimy (Haha)
It ain't hard for me to find ya (For real)
You know I got them killers next to me (Err)
They with the cartel, I sell all that work, they blessin' me (Fool)
Four n***as to set one n***a up, you scurred (Haha)
If I say that I'ma kill you, man of my word (Brrt)
This trap sh*t made my heart cold (For real)
Gun to my head, you shoulda let it blow (Pussies)
When am I comin'? You'll never know (Woo)
I'll come inside your house and leave you with them bullet holes (Haha)
f**k that, I'll tie to you a f**kin' chair
I'll torture you pu**y, you just a child, you's a rookie (Haha)
Oh no, how the f**k you ain't think that I was gon' come back for the payback?
I'm a drug dealer (Ooh), me and my plugs go way back
Plugged in, fool, you still livin' with your mama
I was sellin' drugs when they elected President Obama (Woo)
I don't know what it is, but my trigger finger itchin'
Mama tellin' me, "Think twice," the devil makin' my decisions
Is it wrong? Is it right? I don't really give a f**k
I've been quiet for too long, now it's time to turn up