Lyrics : Stuck in the Streets

Daddy, the devil's on your shoulder

Forgive me for my wrongs (My wrongs), I was just a kid
I was sellin' that work (That work), I ain't wanna be average
All that stuff got old, I guess I'm gettin' older
Tryna change for the sake of my kids, but the devil's on my shoulder
The devil's tellin' me to sell a drug
The devil's tellin' me not to give a f**k
The devil's tellin' me, "Shoot somebody, bro" (Brrt)
The devil's tellin' me not to show no love

I feel like I'm stuck in the streets
If I change, will they think that I'm weak?
If I die, am I restin' in peace?
"RIP" with my face on a tee?
What do you see when you look at me?
Criminal minded, I'm about to start a riot
Maybe I can't change my ways
'Cause I'm just too mothaf**kin' grimey

Hol' up, wait, I'm about to rob him
Hol' up, wait, I'ma start a problem
Big weight, I'm about to sell it
Big weight, it can make me a felon
Hundred kilos sittin' in my trunk
I'm about to slice one down the middle and just take a bump
This is just part of my lifestyle
Somebody could take my life now (Life now)
No regrets, just blood, sweat, and tears
I just talked to my plug and the work is here
Thank God, safety arrival
Boy, my plug calls me a psycho
I could front ya, but I need to be paid on time
I need every dime
And don't be callin' my phone for no eight-ball
'Cause that's like dubs and dimes
That's just small weight, small fry, small guy
My coco is A-1
These birds right here, they really fly
If you get caught with 'em, don't testify