Lyrics : Brandy Brother

Lyrics from Snippet

Who that creepin' through your Maybach?
Prolly won't got paid back
Why you ain't just say that?
Bring her up the Ray J (What's that, n***a)
That's Brandy, brother, me and your b*t*h can stand each other
Oh, except for when I rub her

Always wear a glove
Gary Payton, D, I buss her, see me 'cross clubs
Diamonds dance, they think they Usher (Bling)
Hit her, whassup? Huh
Bet you ain't know she's a gusher (Gusher), what? (What?)
I'm a no fatigue her, brother, huh? (Woah)
She got the dancin' crazy, I was like, "Baby, oh my God" (Ooh)
Said she's mad in love, I'm Smino Swayze, '91 (Uh)
Baby just met a man, she wanna ride some sh*t, I'm pumped (Ooh)
Don't worry, we'll get this money, glad you askin', follow 'long
Been through it, we throwin' shots, we'll prove it
They told me, "Do my job," b*t*h, I'ma overdo it (Overdo it)
You better make me feel special (Special)
And put your shoulders to it (Ooh)
My n***as came from the ground (Ground)
From the mud until we grew it (Grew it, ooh)