Lyrics : Jamie Boxx (Freestyle)

b*t*h off the white, that's Phoebe
Put her on the wall like a TV, she back that ass up, mm, BB
I'm off the Julio, Don Cheadie
Baby on discs, no CD, gotta see it to believe this
Say my name in vain, n***a, believe
White folks love it when I si-ding, keep a b*t*h in line like Beijing
Moshin' in the pu**y, I'm ragin'
Punk rock b*t*h get the spliff (Uh-huh)
White folks at the show saying n***a
Can't tell if they said the (ER)
If they do f**k around, see the ER
Hit him with the quick right like a detour
Crack her with the wood, I'm Jeter
b*t*h wanna bone, femur
pu**y bad, lil' baby I'm a Libra
pu**y bad, lil' baby I'm a Libra
I'm at the door waitin' on a pack of corn
Been on the run, feelin' like I'm Jackie Chan (Uh)
Foot on the road, my life a circus home (Yeah)
Made my phone ring-a-ling for the ding-a-ling (Brr)
I'm goin' off that reisling, hit it easily
She jumped on the wood, got more wood than jenga
Well n***a, well that don't make me no difference
(It don't make me no motherf**kin' different)

Change my damn mind a whole lot
n***a got 'fro on locks, prolly get locks, wanna chop
Prolly let him live, prolly not
Close range aim, take a shot, kush stank, hunnid socks
Smoke me a blunt and forget, I f**ked your old lady

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
She Already Decided, n***a
Smi-ooh, Smi-ooh
Smi-ooh, Smi-ooh, ooh