Lyrics : Big Ol’* unreleased


Smoking on


Like where da hoe-di-hoe-di-hoes
All my life been getting by
I had to focus on my.....

I'm high-di-high-di-high-di-high (I'm high-di-high-di-high-di-high)
Where da hoe-di-hoe-di-hoes (Where da hoe-di-hoe-di-hoes)
All my life been getting by (All my life been getting by)
Had to Focus on my goals (getting closer to the goals)

Big Ol', Big Ol', Big Ol', Big Ol' moves (move)
Big Ol' (drop), that b*t*h sitting on duece (duece)
Big Ol' Kinfolk, on they q like Suzie (Q)
(She gotta) Big Ol', Big Ol', Big Ol', Big Ol' booty

Verse 1:
Strumming through Euros like a big ol' fiddle
Its on, the zero swamp (ugh), look like a pimp in my Sean John's (ugh)
I toured the east coast with T-Pizzle
Came back made sh*t sizzle
n***a time flyin'
Just played a show and saw Bron Bron
Still kill the back and change the password
Stay low and jug, I raised up my worth
Dressed in cranberry fur
Whip all white like vanity fair (yeah-yeah)
Levitate much (?) my temple
Imma walk in (?)
Barely got no time
Get money from Paris to Poland
I think(?) like (?) kill ya
Negative energy don't get no tick tock
Keep some musty tucked in a ziplock
Pack kinda husky, deal with the pickup
She hot and she love me, every time she get right
Knots on yo necklace, is hella more sick
I do it so excellent, (?)