Lyrics : Prisoner

Hell ain’t where I’m going, it’s where I’ve been
Humiliation on my face since I was six
I’m sick of laughing just to smother all the thoughts
That left me shaking when I think back far enough

So come with me, into the depths of my mind
Come face to face with everything that I tried to hide
I don’t want it, I wish it was a dream
Take this old life and cut these bad days out of me
A prisoner to somber days

Mama, Do you remember the fear in my eyes
When he trapped you in the room?
I grabbed my brother and I
We ran for our lives
And just like that night, I tremble as I write this
Reliving things through my eyes

They’re mine but I don’t want them
My “forever” problem
A prisoner to somber days
Let the reaper hold my hand and take it all away