Lyrics : Boy

“Walter, it’s time to talk about it”
I figure if I never mentioned it, then it never happened
Wore a thousand smiles a million times like it was nothing
My stomach swelled with thoughts of self-destruction
It was 1993, in an obscure house
My mother broke and my world fell apart
They spoke to me about capes amongst the stars
Then lured me with fleer ‘94 cards

Just a boy on that day
Just a boy

I would pray that one day
God would reach out and touch my face
But instead it was a stranger
That would take every ounce of innocence from me
“I’ll hurt your baby brother if you ever speak of this”
Even if I did, who would believe a homeless kid?
Those words ingrained in my soul
My world forever changed as they locked the door

I closed my eyes, I never spoke
Alone in a moment, buried in my mind
Now I don't cry, so no one knows
Wandering the world with only instinct to survive