Lyrics : Prove Me Wrong

I'm cool with my women who be puffin' the dro
I got love for my bitches who be workin' the pole
Roll your eyes, make sure you're touchin' your toes
If you a gettin' money nigga keep cakin' them hoes
I'm aiight with them ladies who are faithful at home
We aiight when I like how you're makin' me moan
You a flawed trick if I'm not takin' you home
Cause I'm a ghetto millionaire 'til you prove me wrong

If you visit Miami, I'm the nigga to see
Park the truck, I see the animals, feelin' the Ds
Shoot 'em all, top down, so feelin' the breeze
Who to stop, pop rounds, stop bendin' on your knees
Come get knocked down, then chill on the beach
She was like, "Not now", what we did on the seats
Lit from the twat 'round, legs shut for a week

My [?] the spot, [?]
Champagne bottles, pop and squeeze, lots of weed
really off glass
Spend a weekend with Trina for small cash, I'm all that
Try to be funny, but got a little money
I used to dig her so she got a little from me
We used to club hop with dimes who suck cock
Then we back to the DoubleTree, let the women double me

I'm cool with my women who be puffin' the dro
I got love for my bitches who be workin' the poles
Roll your eyes, make sure that you're touchin' your toes
Gettin' money nigga keep cakin' them hoes
Get up in that pussy then you leave them hoes alone
A bitch is a bitch and a dog need a bone
I'm aight with the ladies who's faithful at home
Cause you leave soon as you finish makin' me moan

All these hoes, which one should I pick?
Hopefully the one who want some dick
Cause a lot of bitches got plots and schemes
If I wasn't on the scene they wouldn't fuck with me
First time they give you some pussy they go all out
Move in with you and all that shit stops
Stop fuckin', stop suckin', puttin' in, no nuttin'
Kitchen ain't clean, ain't shit up in the oven
They change soon as you give her some dick, see
They tried to trick him and trick you, trick me
So you gotta be picky
Cause flickin' your dick up in these bitches will leave it more than just sticky
Blame it on society
Cause I like to see a wide variety
Tell me the truth, come on bitch, don't lie to me
What's on your mind? (I want you inside of me)

[Hook + Hook 2]