Lyrics : It's On

You know I speak from my heart like my mouth in my chest
It's the South the the West
Suave house at its best
Went from crumbs to brick (lay down), the other shit
Respect the game (Jiggolo) behind the Southern hits
The fam type [?] still light shit down
No [?] cartel Tef, white wrist now
Funny shape ice (uh), my money made twice
Still pull guns [?] holes, roller blade dice
Still flip ones rise spokes, razer blade white
Still walk blocks, call shots, I'm livin that life
I'm the future of the south, isn't that nice
soul, I'm shipping that twice
I plan to call your names, when I'm giving them right
I'm a little more vocal on the internet site
Until then, I'm living
Cock sucked on the yacht
Hot scotch rolling rocks
Time to sing the hook c'mon

It's On, it's on
We here (we here)
Nothin to lose (nope)
No fear (no fear)
Still standing, they can't stand it
Suave house too bitch that's my family

The Suave house booted out all the shisty thieves
Now it's just icey sleeves and nice MCs
The youngest in the pack, still running with the pack
You know shining bird bath stil pumping in the lack
Where you want these slugs, in the stomach or the back
Bad contracts but I'm still coming for a plaque
I suggest y'all niggas start covering your hat
Ross climbing through the front, I'm covering the back
Cover with the black, bubbling the crack
Hustling at that, [?] with the rats
Slugging for the scratch and the bucket
Puffin on batch, where my hustlas at
Noah, the ladies remember the dimples
Puttin nipples on the windows, of the Limos
Climb through the sunroof, y'all niggas want who
Give me another bad bitch that I can run through
The [?] to representing
Fuck y'all say the hook

There's, nobody fly, Nodoby hotter so
It's only right I hold the torch and I provide the dope
I get to em raw, like the pure coke
Turn me up and hear me bubble like that baking soda
Uh, but niggas they scared of it
They close but can't see me like some impaired cousins
Blind to the fact that nigga I'm buzzing
My whole clique with me and niggas I met up
With one click, and one aim
We get bread, and we fuck dames
You can, play with us if you wanna
Try us like a pussy and you sure to be a gonner
A bitch with me and the chicks stay on one
But sex free to watch her do the Jackie Joyner
Curse he, curse me but hurt me never
Chevy same color Hershey heavy on the pedal

[Hook: Jiggolo]