Lyrics : What’s Gonna Happen (Duplicate)

I know what's gonna happen
I'll try to go to bed
With fear of failure flapping like a fruit bat in my head
I'll sleep for half an hour
The clock will ring at six
I'll wake up in the shower with a stomach full of bricks
So I won't have any breakfast
Maybe just a little tea
Like when you have to go and get a colonoscopy
Which incidentally isn't half as disconcerting or upsetting
As going for a part you know there's no way that you're getting

But anyway I'm heading
Downtown for the audition
Where everything I'm dreading will be coming to fruition
And here's what's gonna happen
I'll walk in weak with hunger
And there's a dozen girls who look like me, but 10 years younger
I'll go into the bathroom and I'll try to vocalize
And I'll be singing "minga minga minga minga ming"
But I'll be hearing "Sandy sucks
She really sucks
She really really really blows!
And she's old and she's lame"
And then someone calls my name