Lyrics : I Like What She’s Doing

I like what she's doing
This might be a thing
She's giving it feeling
She's making it sing
She's fun but profound
Let's not shove this down
I like what she's doing

What she's selling
I'm buying
It's something we need
I love that she's trying
Let's follow her lead
We were flat on our back
But now we're on track
She'll polish this turd
Into treasure somehow
Just maybe if Dorothy keeps doing
What she's doing now

Well, we got work to do
God knows how we got this far
But ready or not
We move into the theater tomorrow
Alright kiddos
It's your favorite stage manager, Carl
Break's over!
We're gonna rehearse
The new Juliet-Nurse scene
Everyone else, there is a revised
Schedule on the board
Don't forget to sign back in!
Dorothy, July, the stage is yours!

He saw your motionless hair
And your avocado figure
And I lost the man I loved

To be fair, dear
You did kill the last one
Juliet, don't I deserve a chance
At a future that celebrates me?

Oh, this is really good!
Are you okay with all this?

Are you kidding?
I love what we're saying
I'm smiling at last
It's great how we're playing
I'm having a blast
I trust you completely
So does the whole cast
We like what you're doing

She's got something special
That makes you engaged

It's almost electric
When she hits the stage

And I can't explain it
She's taking this turkey
And making it work

And I can't tell you how
But, honey, I hope she keeps doing
What she's doing now
Rita, oh forget the renaissance
I'm thinking all new costumes
50's, Fellini, fabulous

Dorothy, I love it

She won't take directions
She's changing the play
She's like an infection
That won't go away

She just wants to fight me
She does it to spite me
I hate what she's doing

It's very traumatic
I'm really upset
She's bringing up memories
I need to forget

She's stealing my girl
She's stealing my show
And I'm ready to blow
All because of that cow

She's gotta stop doing
What she's doing now

Ok, Max
New clothes, New lines
You got this!

If you take her
You better take care of her!

I will devote my life to her happiness
I love her

Mean it!

I will devote my life to her happiness
I love her

I don't believe it!

I will devote my life to her happiness
I love her!

Well done max

Hey, I like what she's doing
She's got so much heart
She's so friggin sexy
And so frickin' smart

She's made me an actor
She's built like a tractor
I like what she's doing

We totally need her
I love her because
She's always a leader
Whatever she does

Something was missing
And she's what it was
I mean everyone's standing
When she takes her bows

God, really
I hope she keeps doing
What she's doing now

How will I live without you here?

Happily, Juliet
Departing is such sweet sorrow

Then let's gather by the fountain
So we can all say arrivederci!

Dorothy, You have turned this show
Into a joyous anthem for all women
So, I am officially changing the t**le
From "Juliet's Curse" to "Juliet's Nurse"

I won't let you down
Because you believed in me
And now anybody can see
I'm really alive

I'll never let you down
I'm no longer empty inside
I filled up my cup
I never gave up

And now I can soar
To the heavens and higher

I hope she keeps doing
What she's doing right
Removing our tears
Relieving our fears

And when the smoke clears
We'll still have careers

So what's not to love?

I give you my word
I won't let you...

I like what she's doing


I like what she's doing
What she's doing