Lyrics : I Don’t Wanna Die Right Now (Unplugged)

Tell her I don't wanna die right now
I've just been a little sad
But my life is pretty rad
Lil shawty wanna cry right now
Tell her look into my eyes
Everything will be alright
I don't really wanna die right now
I've just been a little down
Everything thats going round
You ain't really gotta cry right now
I'm just doin' what they told me
Get over myself, get

I've been gone now I'm feelin' like we're too far
Yeah I rap, but I feel more like a rockstar
I might have to break it off like a pop tart
If she keep bringin' up the past like she Nardwuar
On the 'gram all day she been creepin'
Call me up, I can tell she been drinkin'
Askin' me whats wrong with me
I be like, "Pardon me"
As far as I can see there ain't no you and me
And my eyes turn red
My stomach churnin' inside my chest
I'm thinkin' what I could've said instead
And if it's possible to see you yet
But I don't really wanna be at all
And I don't think that you gon' be okay
If I was really gonna end it all
So I'mma tell you I don't feel this way