Lyrics : One Tree Trill

I can’t tell
If you’re down to ride
And it’s more than I can take
Lay in my arms
When it’s late at night
And all my worries melt away

Whats the matter?
I don’t know what happened
Thought that you and I were good
Why’s it always gotta come to this, yeah
Heart shattered
I was chasing after
Everything I thought we could be
How’d I let you put me through it like this

And I tried
But you keep pushing me away
You come back
And I don’t know what to say
I wish that you would make your mind up
Someday now
I’m about to cut these ties
With your right now
But the way you’re looking at me
Gives me a feeling
That‘ve wanted all my life
I can’t believe the way you trap me
Just let me be before I say
Something dumb tonight