Lyrics : Brand New Start

I need a brand new start
I need a brand- yeah

I need a brand new start
I need a brand new everything
Had a bantu girl, she wanted brand new everything
She got a brand new man too
I passed my mantle
A living example
For you and your mans too

Now we the leaders of leaders
I'm up the ladder
You lacked and I left cause I don't parlay with no rappers
I'm not gone play with you rappers

Now I made creative, corporate
I'm gone profit off my sh*t
I might bake the white house and make it match with my skin
I'ma buy my mom's house with the money from my skills
And the money and my bank will be the money she can spend

I took all my L's, I've had enough
Now I'm coming for M's, they addin' up
You wasn't with me in the dirt, don't ask me to hit you up
This my brand new start, I'm coming up so

Make me over again

Later you're gonna find out you were right
Because now I take a day off, I go nowhere
I get mad because tomorrow I'm gonna work at the same place
"Ah, my life, I am dead inside!"
How you are 20 years old and dead inside?
Haha, no. But you, you're smart
You can go through this and find look for different ways to build your own
I don't know how to say, but you need to have an easy life- a nice life
You do what you love, you know?