Lyrics : If You Decide to Leave Someone

If you decide to leave someone
Know that it won’t be easy

Because losing someone isn’t instant
It happens every morning you wake up thinking of them
And every night you fall asleep missing their warmth
You will lose them over and over again
Until you are done with it

So admit to this
Knowing it’s okay to leave someone you love

Nostalgia is a liar in how it montages our best memories while omitting our truths
And the truth is
Not every experience is meant to last forever
No one is entitled to any part of you for any more time than you comfortable sharing yourself
So be selfish
You are a universe
Inside of a vessel
And not everyone is worthy of the experience that is you
You are not obligated to keep anyone in your life
So learn to experience fully, and know when to let go

And if you decide to stay
Let it be a mutual love that keeps you here
Do not sacrifice your own peace for the happiness of another
In fear of hurting them
They will hurt, and they will heal
Just as you will hurt

You will find yourself lost in a world without them
But you will heal
And in time
You will realize you are living without the one you thought you couldn’t live without