Lyrics : HB2 (Intro)

You know what the f**k goin' on, man, Homicide sh*t, man (Yeah, man)
Double Back Gang, n***a
This the gang
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

Chest shot, face shot, get 'em
Gloves on, mask on, I'm in the trenches
They throwin' up fours, they part of the business
We throwin' up threes, these n***as can't enter
Homicide wash 'em up just like dishes
Double Back hop out the car with that Emmitt
I'm on the road with a Glock in my britches
Booba and Quill, they came with the stick
Esco my blooda, we been in the mix
That K my twin, you know I move with it
Cheecho on the beat, yeah, this a hit

I came with a four, n***a, and a nickel
Don't play with my bruv, I'm bustin' off the Weston
I'm sippin' on lean, and I brought a b*t*h
I'm throwin' them fours when I'm on the rip
Uh, HB2, .223's knock him out his shoe
Frontline, n***as posted up to boot
Fox 5 Gang, n***a, watch the news

Tell to they gang, n***a, tell the truth
We got these b*t*hes f**kin' off the boot
We got a free car, it's a coupe
Me and Duke pour the drank up by the two
Black Mal been with it since he was two
I'm watchin' the cut, we lookin' for you
Boom, knock out his screws (Trapnanana)
Homicide don't even know you dudes

Homicide Goonrich, I'm the one
93 gas, pull up to the pump
He ain't even know I had it in the trunk
Boom-bap-baow, now that n***a slumped, uh
Homicide, Double Back, you know how we move
I stay in the kitchen, I whip up a deuce
We slide with them Dracos, n***a, who is you?
We spinnin' them blocks, boom-badda-boom
We slidin' on blocks, all you hear is vroom
I'm trappin', I'm trappin', beatin' out the room
You hear them gun sounds, all you hear is boom
I wake up the hood, better watch the news

Uh, Luciano got choppers
Headshot, n***a, no seeing the doctor
We slide with them sticks proper
Head out the sunroof, ah, I got you
Send the location, ooh, I spot you
Ran down, spot 'em, you know that we got 'em
Big homie sh*t and these n***as be actin'
He thought he was stackin', we took all them rackades
MAC-11, yeah, that my lil' black b*t*h
It got a coolant, it can get hot quick (Trapnanana)
Homicide Boyz give a n***a the backspin
Hop out the free car, take off the traction
Let's get it