Lyrics : Do-Si-Dos

Brrt, bah
Baow, baow-baow-baow-baow, hah, n***a
(Ayy, Manny, this joint crank, fool)
Brrt, bah

These n***as, they talkin' just like some hoes
We crack a n***a if he thinkin' 'bout takin' this glow
All a n***a want is the money and souls
Send his ass up, tell his ass adios
Had to turn a goofy n***a into some Do-Si-Dos
Serve a n***a, sometimes takin' collateral
Numbers don't lie, I can show you how to add it up
n***as be hatin', but I don't even give a f**k
And I just bought a stick, they can pick up a truck
Too cold, ice on me, give me a puck
Slide on the opps, he ain't havin' good luck
I'm feelin' like Tony, man, who can I trust?
Ooh, that b*t*h get offended, but get in her guts
I'm elevatin' and these n***as be stuck
I'm trappin' hard, n***a gotta get bucks
If I whip out the stick, then somebody gettin' bust

Big body, it's a truck
Bad b*t*h with a real nice butt
I'm sippin' lean, man, I'm tryna give up
Got ice in my neck, that sh*t you can't touch
Spin a bend in a Benz truck
Goonrich get the M's up
Got a hundred b*t*hes, and they say I'm the one
I ran it up, and they say that it's luck
I walk up in the trap, I'm rockin' Balencis
Like where the doctor? Man, I need me a kidney
She pretty brown, got the ass and the titties
Like twelve o'clock, b*t*h, I'm poppin' a wheelie
Uh, poppin' Percs, b*t*h, I'm dizzy
Spinnin' your block, chopper get to spittin'
Catch me a body, n***a, I'ma kill 'em
Homicide sh*t, killers and gorillas, uh, uh
Too many b*t*hes, I hit 'em
I bought her a bag, now she feelin' different
You know I'm a dog, f**kin' on your sister
She got that water, n***a, like a river