Lyrics : Lil di*ky freestyles for YG (Dave on FX)

Allow me to tell y'all what I'm 'bout
Like a dinner you got reservations but I'm 'bout to eat up all the doubt
Hey come on, I'm a flower let me sprout
Looking like I'm straight out of Comic-Con, scrawny don
Hungry Ramadan, my momma wrong
She don't think I got a job but I'm a make great cheese like Parmesan, I'm hardly on, but the rent paid cause you know that pu**y flow good I menstruate
If we got off on the wrong foot like Bengay it's because I'm higher than a b*t*h, men's pay
Rappers thinking that they hot, blow your nose motherf**ker is it snot?
I ain't never fought a man in my life
I have only slept with 4 different girls
Still you can get it, I'll get every crevice
I'll come on some chicken like fresh mozzarella
Hella good ebonics, i think like a comic, my females got bombs on they body like they were Jihadists
And my libido is scary like Magic Johnson near mosquitos
I'm tactical, I'm back and forth, from acting dull to rapping for you, attracting lore in the faction, forming the tracks record it it's about to put me on the racks like a fashion store
I just want a girl let me hit it on a work day, I don't think my d**k has grown at all since the first grade
I'm a get the cake with my gifts like a birthday
Separate it with my lines like two lanes
I don't want a Grammy bro, I've got two and their fairly old
Stay with more bars than a graph I'm on top of the class, hop in the bath with a bad little lady with ass
I'm making her laugh, the neck like a baby giraffe
Shaking it fast, making it last, haters are mad saying I'm bad
It's like an eighth grader training a class, its crazy and blasphemous
I'm about to break 'em in half, I'm making my path
I'm waiting on my break like a cast
Somebody get ya boy a gig he got drive and flash, like a flashdrive