Lyrics : I’m Finally Gonna Sleep Tonight

Well, I think I'm gonna sleep tonight
I'm finally gonna sleep
Cuz I'm growing tired of faking that I'm proud
And I hope I dream of heaven
Where I'm lifted from my shame
All alone and cold upon my little cloud

And it hurts when I'm alone 'cause
Everyone seems to be hiding
To avoid conversation
Is it wrong that I'm aware
I should pretend I'm really fine
And instead I'm impatient
I'd rather die and get it over with

Well I think I'm gonna leave this place
I'm finally gonna leave
'Cause I overstayed my welcome way too long
And I think the mirror hurt me
More than any words they'd say
'Cause at least they'd have a chance of being wrong

In the end I'm still a joke, so
Should I laugh while my demons
Wanna trace out my backbone
If you find me laying lifeless
On the carpet, read the letter
I'd have left on my gravestone
I do it for attention anyways