Lyrics : Les Funérailles

My apologies to the mourning hosts
I cannot bear to see their daughters ghost
I saw it stand beside me last week
My apologies, hope you get this soon
Gary Numan is locked inside my room
'Cause outdoors is horrid and TV is boring
And these walls remind me of you

I wanna deserve you
I wanna preserve you at no cost but
I might as well kill you
You might as well already be lost inside my
Unresponsive head
The day you're born again's when I expire

I don't wanna be happy anymore
Anecdotal emotions for this war
It didn't stop your knife from bleeding
My apologies, no way to behave
Being bitter will not make you be saved
'Cause I am abhorrent
'Cause you remain dormant
'Cause I probably messed up again