Lyrics : What happened when I left you

[Stanza 1]
Perfect petals punctuate the fabrics yellow blue
silver platters with strawberries strewn across the room

[Stanza 2]
In Zimmerman with sandals on one summer dress to choose

[Stanza 3]
Three girls
eyes rolled
loud laughter
dust specs lit by afternoon

[Stanza 4]
My life is sweet like lemonade now there’s no bitter fruit
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
no thought of you

[Stanza 5]
My thoughts have changed
my voice is higher
now I’m over you

[Stanza 6]
No flickering in my head movies
projected in Bellevue

[Stanza 7]
Because I captured the mood of my wish fulfilled
and sailed to Xanadu

[Stanza 8]
The grief that came in waves that rolled I navigated through

[Stanza 9]
The fire from my wish as wind to future trip to Malibu

[Stanza 10]
now everything I have is perfect
nothing much to do

[Stanza 11]
just perfect florals
green embroidered chairs
one dress to choose