Lyrics : Quiet Waiter Blue Forever

[Stanza 1]
You move like water sweet baby sweet waiter
making the night smile to no one you cater
silent wood worker from midnight till later
my lover my laughter my armor my maker
The way that i feel with you is something like aching
inside of my stomach the cosmos are baking
a universe hung like a mobile
the alignment of these planets unique
in me the earth moves around the sun
no land all sea
water world
sun chaser
tropic of cancer
southern equater
i’m the crying crustacean
sunbathing on paper
Let’s rewrite the beginning of this primordial ooze
shall we my love
Am i being brazen for saying this year makes me feel
like we could’ve wrote it better
than him?
But who am i
just a girl in love dreaming on paper
rearranging the salt for the pepper
in love with you
my quiet waiter
call me when you’re done with work
i’ll pick you up later
the darker the better