Lyrics : Ravens

I could be sleeping but
You're in my mind you never leave me
Love like angel dust
I ain't got time to spend on grieving
Leave my heart to rust
I know you've see me on yo screen but
Can't be missing us
I am the shade that stop yo gleaming
And I was bad, bad, bad
When the ravens called
Girl where you at, at, at
I miss you every fall
Foot on the gas, gas, gas
We can't slow at all
A different path, path, path
But writings on the wall
I guess it's selfish
To think of you when i'm the one that end it
I can't help it uh
Wish my f**king brain wasn't so melted
Missing Elpis uh
Focused on my wave, our problems rained
I know you felt it uh
Know that i'm deserving of the pain, I made it surface
N' I been up, all night
It's all my fault i can't do you right
I been left up in the dark so many times I hate the light
I'm a bat, i'm a demon
Listen baby I ain't mean it
I get down and I get beaten and I always want sh*t even
If I know that i'm not ready
Problems met many
Drowned the old me and
Dumped his body in the Chevy
Heart real heavy
Fed on envy
Now found myself
I never I let ya down gently
Now go, go, go
Get away from me
No, no, no
Kinda hate to see
You grow, grow, grow
It always empty me
So dose, dose, dose
Up the remedy